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This project will be broken down into 5 areas:

Home Projects 

School Projects

Community Projects

Environment Projects

World Projects


Each classroom will think of ONE or several projects which they wish to work on throughout the year.


You may work alone OR you may collaborate with another classroom at your school OR at any location to plan and implement your project.  


Once you have decided on a project and designed a plan, please register here!


Throughout the year, you are encouraged to come back and share updates of the project(s). 


Please post information about your project by clicking HERE!


Examples of projects might be:  school recycling program, reading to the elderly, collecting items for your city homeless shelter, conservation of water at home, etc etc.


Each classroom which participates will get a certificate of participation with the teacher's and school name listed on it.


If at any time you have any questions, feel free to contact me.




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