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Looking beyond your school and helping your community is a way to show that you have "heart". 


What kind of project can you host in your community?  Perhaps you could host a food or toy drive and donate your collection to the local homeless shelter (they always are needing blankets as well).  Gather teddy bears and deliver them, with notes, to the children's wing of your nearby hospital or perhaps sing holiday songs are your local convalescent home.  Help clean up graffiti and organize a "keep our city clean" plan. Write thank you notes to your police, firemen, elected officials, city librarians, and more.   Visit your city government and let them know you wish to help!  And be sure to let your local newspaper know what you are doing!!




Sites that might help:

100 Ways to make a difference in your community -- http://www.education.com/reference/article/Ref_100_Ways_Make/

25 days to make a difference -- http://twentyfivedays.wordpress.com/ 

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