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It takes real courage to think of tackling a "World project"!


What kind of project can you host to help the world?  First of all -- you need to become aware of some things which you just might not like and then you need to take action.  One of the best ways to start changing the world is to share knowledge, so once you learn, you need to share what you learn.  There are many things happening in the world which people are not aware of -- and you can help!!  Perhaps you might wish to research about the lack of vitamins in 3rd world countries, animals that are killed in tuna fishing, or child labor laws.  Instead, perhaps not as complex, maybe you wish to start a smile campaign or a kindness project.  Your classroom might also wish to invent something that could change the world.


Awareness is one of the first necessities in order to ensure change -- so start learning, and then start sharing.





Sites that might help

Celebrate Earth Day:  http://www.earthday.org/KnowGreen

The New Heroes -- http://www.pbs.org/opb/thenewheroes/teachers/

The Water Project:  http://thewaterproject.org/sponsor-a-well-in-africa.asp

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